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Fake Call - Prank Call


FAKE CALL is a joke that you can simulate fake calls, you can make free calls false and scare your friends thanks to the fake call Simulator.It simulates a fake call yourself to rescue you in an uncomfortable position, boring meeting, annoying conversation or interview without sense.Examples of joke:-while your girlfriend watching TV you can simulate a so-called false from the police, she is scared!
-Make your friends believe to have couple online. Model customize your fake call with the image of a girls sexy, miss universe or girls, call program for your phone to ring when youre partying with your friends and make them believe is your virtual girlfriend.
-Do not know how to get away from home? It pretends that you called your boss for a Conference.It simulates a false call of famous people, a celebrity or even the President of the United States. You can customize the phone number to simulate international calls. For Copyright reasons, famous calls them have to add each user.The best application of so-called telephone pranks of Google Play.FEATURES - Customize the call.-Fake call with the image.-Program the false call.-Caller ID.-Calls work even if you do not have internet or wifi (call with wifi / free wifi)-you can create unlimited fake prank calls.Remember that these calls are free. They are called without additional cost, they are not real calls, are simulated calls. You can make calls Nations not call abroad. But if you can pretend that you are calling a friend from another country, to create an international call and much more!
Very soon we will add:-send fake messages (SMS), you can create false conversions.
-create a false location of call - jokes to whatsapp, so you can fool your friends simulating a whatsapp call.
Download this free application and performs the best phone jokes for whatsapp!